Friday, May 23, 2008

No time to blog? Go Micro

My friend and colleague Cale Bruckner has modified his blogging strategy over at his blog PalmIT and I think it is a great way to keep blogging without feeling the pressure to post long, in-depth articles. A major hurdle to blogging for most people is the intimidation factor and the time commitment. It feels like a major commitment to churn out a few hundred or thousand words a day/week/month. And it is.

So, instead of setting out to write a book with every blog post, why not try micro blogging? This is the practice of posting very short blog posts, often just one or two sentences and a link. A photo and a comment would also be good enough. If you find a site or an article that you think is interesting, post the link, add a short comment, and post it. Not only will this approach keep you blogging and keep your blog fresh, but most likely your audience will appreciate it as well. Everyone is already overloaded with information. Keeping things short and to the point is probably a good strategy.

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Anonymous said...

@noahparsons - it's all about the conversations - short micro-posts make it a lot easier to share what you know.